Thursday, 6 April 2017

The first paper of the afternoon is given by Mohamed Ali Hakim and Ahmed Said al Kharadly on their work at Tell Abaqa'in, one of the fortresses of Ramesses II on the western side of the Delta. Previously worked on by Labib Habachi, Susanna Thomas and surveyed by Joshua Trampier, the current mission of the Ministry of Antiquities has followed the main enclosure wall of the temple. Within the fort are 'domestic' areas with ovens and storage facilities, as well as the famous wells. Working on mud brick in muddy soil is very difficult, but the team have been successful in carefully delimiting structures. Mohamed Ali is sharing his infectious enthusiasm at the discovery of the south-western corner of the fort, with its round-tower, and foundations onto the local sandy-soil, reminding us that this was the western 'desert' frontier of Egypt. Scarabs give the name of 'King' Tawosret, dating the end point of the fort to her reign.

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