Thursday, 6 April 2017

Heading north to the Mareotis area, we are introduced by Marie-Francois Boussac to the work of the French Mission working since 1998, and by classical authors to the production of the wine in the region. Wine production dates back to the 4th millennium BC in the Delta - and Marie-Francois is telling us about attempts to relate the presentation of wine producing areas cited in texts, to the archaeology on the ground. Work has focussed around Taposiris and Plinthine to the west of Alexandria. Fragmentary finds from Plinthine have included those from various periods from the 18th Dynasty onwards, although the ancient toponym is unknown as yet. We are looking at wine producing technology with a new wine press from the Late Period. - using comparative analysis with comparative examples from the eastern Delta, as well as tomb representations (e.g. Nakht) to help reconstruct how it functioned. Great interpretations from the ceramic finds looking at imports/exports and who was drinking the wine!

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