Thursday, 6 April 2017

Remaining with environmental data, we move to our second speaker Andrea Ginau, looking at 'What settlements leave behind: compositional data analysis of pXRF data on Holocene sediments in the Nile Delta' which focusses on work around Buto and Kom el-Gir in Kafr el-Sheikh.  This is the work of Andreas, Robert Schiestl, Daniel Steiniger and Juergen Wunderlich. Andreas describes the material that they have been looking at and their aims to link settlement history with environmental data. Sciene application@ is being show to explain how the Digital Elevation Model has been put together and how they are able to use ISAT laser satellite data to fix the vertical accuracy of the data to less than one metre. Andreas is now showing on the regional map the location of their drill core transects and their location close to expected channels. Andreas is explaining the formation of the Holocene Delta and now focussing on the Buto region and how the coring transects have been successful in providing us with new information regarding the channel locations. The survey work of Robert Schiestl and recognition of sites in the region ties in very well with the location of channels close by. We are learning about the results of geochemical signatures within the data, which has also enabled new data to come from former excavation areas.

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