Friday, 7 April 2017

Slawomir Rzepka has now taken centre stage to tell us about the latest work at Tell el-Retaba. We are just hearing about excavations of Third Intermediate Period houses. It seems that in one of the houses there were unfired clay loomweights, so possibly and area connected with weaving. Backing this idea up, are the limestone loomweights found in large numbers. There is much variety in the finds from these houses - including possibly a Sekhmet faience amulet, and a scarab. Slawomir showed us the finds that dominate - limestone bowls. We are also just learning about the relationship between sites in the area - Tell ed-Dab'a, Tell el-Maskhuta and Tell el-Retaba - and how we now know that Tell el-Retaba was inhabited during the Late Period ... this includes a substantial thick-walled building ... a tower house?  A nice link with yesterday's paper from Manuela Lehmann!

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