Friday, 7 April 2017

Eva Lange takes us back into the Delta focussing on the site of Tell el-Basta and results of recent geomorphological work. Eva and her team's work has been bringing together maps from the early 19th century with modern coring work to help understand how the site would have looked when it was founded - and why the area was chosen. Eva is giving details on former work at the site by Labib Habachi and also that carried out by el-Sawi in 1970, looking at a possible administrative building. Eva's presentation includes plans from this earlier work and a discussion about how we can interpret some of the plans made during this work - notably in view of what is seen on the ground today. Eva is giving us an overview of the various cemeteries that relate to the early settlement at the site - which range in date through the Old Kingdom, right up until after the reign of Pepi II. Eva now comes to tie up the known information from the site with the drill core survey aimed at locating new information about the Old Kingdom settlement. Eva is explaining how their new geomorphological data can help determine their relation to previous considerations on river branch locations in the region.

Eva introducing the new geomorphological investigations at Tell el-Basta.

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