Friday, 7 April 2017

Everyone has come back for lunch and now Henning Franzmeier is now discussing the Pelizaeus Museum work at Qantir-PiRamesses. After the work of Edgar Pusch in creating a magnetic map, the question was - where to excavate next in a capital city with numerous archaeological features?
A monumental structure was chosen next to the village.  In a test pit, the team found a workshop with moulds for the manufacture of amulets and Merenptah's cartouche; there were carnelian and jasper waste; underneath was a large wall with multi-phase silo and D.19 pottery - confirming the magnetic image.
For a second area the magnetic image was not yet confirmed by excavation, but walls were found. Underneath the walls were pits containing pottery, fired bricks, unusual horizontal-wavy-handled pot, fragments of raised relief in limestone, Mycenean pottery fragments, glass vessel fragments. A deeper pit contained a quarter of a blue glass ingot and yellow ochre fragments and then painted plaster fragments and lime-mortar. It seems to be a construction site linked to the mounmental building.
Henning has shown how much unexpected material lurks beside the 'known' structures - including footprints of children in the mortar mix.

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