Friday, 7 April 2017

Remaining at Tell el-Basta, Rabea Reimann turns to the ceramics at the site, describing in detail the different ceramic fabrics visible at the site, and the functional groups of wares present. Rabea is explaining the new scientific analysis of the ceramic fabrics - both pXRF and thin section analysis. The aims of this research, she explains, are into the production process and origin of clays - hopefully clarifying where the ceramics were made as no pottery production area is in evidence until now at Tell el-Basta. We are now looking at graphs which help to geographically understand the distribution of clays, as Rabia talks about her methods of detecting imported wares, including from Aswan. She also explains the difficulties of this type of analysis and in being able to discern clay provenance between different Delta sites. 

Rabea Reimann at the start of her talk

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