Friday, 7 April 2017

Mohamed Ismail brings us back in time again to the Old Kingdom, with the focus on his talk the reign of Sahure. Great archival drawings are also shown – from the Ministry archives. The nomes (provinces) of the Delta are focal to the talk – and Mohamed Ismail is bringing us new information from the Abusir excavations of the Egyptian mission in the causeway and pyramid complex. There is a list of 200 funerary domains represented in the newly uncovered scenes - which give us new information on the functioning of the nomes. Mohamed is comparing the new lists possible, with those from Borchardt's drawings - which give us more data and a clearer understanding as to the expansion of nomes through time. We are also hearing about much later evidence from the New Kingdom for names given to  provincial territory - which is now visible in the Sahure reliefs - and clarifies the directionality for reading the order of nomes. Mohamed is speaking about how it now becomes clear that the number of nomes grew from the time of Sahure to the time of Niuserre, which is totally new information. 

Henning Franzmeier introduces Mohamed Ismail.

New interpretations from the blocks from the Sahure Complex.

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