Friday, 7 April 2017

Mad coffee break as the last chance to make new friends and contacts.

Now Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi is talking about Tell Maskhuta in Wadi Tulimat the link between the Delta and the Red Sea, previously investigated by Naville, Clédat and...... Petrie!
Important in Dynasty 26 and 27, a Phoenician sarcophagus from the site shows an important presence from outside Egypt. Work began in 2015 to make an extensive map and geophysical (magnetic) survey and showed a large structure on the north part of the site under a tell. Excavations followed last season and uncovered a wall, preserved to a height of 6m. It was recorded by photogrammetry and computer modelling to give detailed information about the phases of the structure.

A second trench outside the fortress, west side found buildings with ovens, a LP/Ptol jug -complete. Another building lies underneath this structure. Digital recording can be used to build 3D models with a high level of accuracy.
Giuseppina finished with a reflection on her first visit to the site and the hard work that lay in front of the team at that time, thanks to Dr Mohamed Abd el Maksoud.

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