Friday, 7 April 2017

Another of the team Warda el Naggar is now discussing the ovens from Tell Dafana. They are of different sizes, some are of unfired brick, some partly fired and some totally fired - they can be grouped outside buildings or singly inside structures. Some have broken storage jars around them perhaps as a barrier. Tanur-type ovens are also at the site - also singly or in groups and a variation on this type has a hole near the base. Ash was thron out in a heap around the ovens. Some ovens were refurbished with new walls. Warda then discusses the purpose: bread tray sherds were found inside the ovens (doqqa type) as well as platters perhaps for dough preparation nearby, as well as grain and water storage jars -with large lids. Grinding stones also attest to bread making. The type of oven is very comparable to tamurs in construction and use.
Warda is one of the rising young archaeologists working in Egypt today.

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